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Manta Sleep Masks are quality products that are guaranteed to help you sleep deeper. It’s 100% True. I know because my family & I all use them! When Manta Sleep came to us, their main objectives were to; Sell more products, Establish their brand, so people remember it and their target audience loves it. They were using a standard Shopify theme that was built with conversion in mind, and although it was converting ok, the site looked just like the rest, the colors weren’t great, it was messy, and didn’t really represent what they do.  They wanted the website to better align with their brand, brand messaging, and their target audience.


After Manta Sleep answered our design questionnaire, we had a Zoom call for an hour to dive deeper into their answers to work out a plan for the new website design. next, our brand director created a multiple page mood board to show them the plan for the look and feel. They loved it and we went to work on the new website design. Once approved, we created a brand style guide for them to use across all of their marketing to make sure everything is congruent with the new website and social media designs we created for them. They love the new loof of their brand and as a result over the past year since our new design went live, they are marketing their website more and their sales are up. They haven’t told us by how much, however their website shows that they now have thousands of positive reviews and they get around 100 positive reviews per month from their customers!  Check out their site at:


  • Mood Board / Brand Direction
  • Photography Direction
  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Website Design
  • Brand Elements
  • Social Media Design
  • Brand Style Guide

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