“Studio1 Design are amazing to work with. They designed a few landing pages for our new marketing campaign. They were able to work to a super tight deadline and their stunning designs took our brand to a whole new level. Our offer is converting like crazy!! 1000 new members in the first week from the new landing pages they designed for us! We highly recommend Studio1 Design!”

Bill Zanker & investors: PitBull & Tony Robbins


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One of our leading website strategists will ask you some basic questions about your current website, marketing strategy and its performance to determine what’s happening in your business right now.

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When it comes to your website, poor design has some serious consequences… lost sales, low conversion, trampoline-like bounce rates, zero trust and, embarrassingly, it can make you look amateurish. But it takes more than just design alone for it to become a marketing machine…

We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to help you increase your leads, convert more traffic into sales, boost your authority and position you as the leader in your industry, so you can finally create your own marketing machine.


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We Get Online Marketing

Greg Merrilees
Founder of Studio1 Design

High-quality design helps you make a big impact. It draws eyeballs to your marketing, defines your brand, and enhances your message.

Our website designs have a focus on converting cold visitors to your website, into warm leads and paying clients.

Our design approach focuses on telling your story, building trust with your visitors and include psychological influences that help people to take action.

When you get this right, you can finally reach more people, grow your business and create instant trust in the precious seconds you have to captivate your visitors.

We have an amazing team of world-class designers and a proven design formula. Our designs might look expensive but they’re not. We’ve perfected our system over years of working with thousands of businesses, which allows us to create beautiful websites that get results without our clients having to take out a second mortgage.

Register for a free website review today and find out exactly how to take your website to the next level and boost your business in 2020.

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1500 Influencers & Small Businesses

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Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a custom website design?

–  For an average sized website that has 5-10 custom page designs our quote is $2,500 – $4,000 for the design phase, depending on the length of the pages.

–  If you need more than 10 custom page designs we will send you a quote once we have the full brief.

All prices above include unlimited design revisions until approved. (Excludes the coding/build phase).

What is the process for the website design phase?
Here’s our ‘Action Plan’ for the website design phase…
–   You answer our detailed design questionnaire or send us a your own detailed brief.
–   We have a Zoom video call to work out a plan for your new website design.
–   Once we are all clear on the brief, we will professionally design a unique custom website to suit your vision & marketing funnel.
–   Our world-class design team will create a custom look and feel to boost your authority & appeal to your ideal audience.
–   The design will have a modern layout & hierarchy that is clear & simple to understand.
–   We use psychological persuasive drivers to build trust & influence more of your visitors to take action. (opt-in, register, buy, etc.)
–   Within the first week roughly, we will send you the home page design for your feedback / approval.
–   We make unlimited design revisions until you approve the design.
–   Once you approve the home page design, we will start designing the inner designs.
–   We make unlimited design revisions on all inner pages until approved for coding.
–   The design will suit responsive coding so it looks great on any device & screen size.
–   Once you approve the design, we package the design files &  instructions for the developers of your choice (yours or ours) to start the coding / build phase.
–   We automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you.
–   I will sign your NDA if required.
Delivery Time:
4 weeks roughly for the design phase
What if I don’t have my copywriting or photos ready yet?

As long as we have your answers to our design questionnaire and we understand the brief, then we can design most pages without your copywriting, photos or videos. We will use place holders initially, then present the design to you so you know where we will need you to provide the written content.)

With sales pages, we usually need your copywriting first. We have page layouts / structure that we know works well for landing pages, depending on the offer, so we can guide you on our call if you need us to.

How much is copywriting?

If you need a copywriter, we can introduce you to one of our ‘conversion focused’ copywriting partners and they can send you a quote based on your needs. Price can vary between a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on how much copy you need. We can introduce you to one of our copywriting partners if you choose us.

How long does it take to design the website?

The total design phase for all page designs usually takes around 4 weeks from the time we have the full brief until we have the entire website designed and approved, including unlimited design revisions.

The homepage design will be sent to you within the first week roughly.

Can you deliver the design in less than 4 weeks?

Yes, if you you need it urgently, we can give you priority to ensure we meet your tight deadline for an extra fee. (To be quoted at the time of your request.)

Do you really offer unlimited design revisions?

Yes, we offer unlimited design revisions on everything we design for you, until you approve the designs, as long as the revisions are inline with the original brief. If you completely change direction after we start designing or add to the original brief, then we will send you a quote to continue designing as per the new direction.

What if I don’t like my new website design?

Our goal is to give you designs that you love. If you like what you see in our folio and case studies, there is a high chance that you love what we design for you. If you don’t love the design we create for you, we will revise the design until you do love it. We have a dozen designers, so if you’re not happy with the designs, we can start fresh with a new designer.

Do you design the mobile views?
We don’t always design the mobile view. It depends on how tricky the desktop view is. We do like to like to design the header, top nav and footer on mobile to show the developers what we intend to happen with those section. Most experienced coders don’t want the entire page designed for mobile because it can slow down their coding, if they have to match the mobile design exactly.
When we design the mobile view, we try to simplify the pages because we know how important site speed is for conversions and rankings.
On the mobile views, wherever possible we replace background images with a flat colour, plus it’s worth testing removing images & reducing the amount of elements and sections on the page.  The goal is to have it load fast AND convert, so it can be a balancing act of what to simplify.
How much do you charge for a coding the website?

We can quote on the coding your approved designs into a live functional, responsive WordPress or 10xPro website after the designs are approved. Our estimate quote for the coding phase is roughly the same price as the design phase, depending on the amount of pages and length of the pages etc.

How long does it take to code the website?

The coding phase usually takes around 4 weeks from the time you approve the designs.

Can I use my own coders?

Yes, absolutely. You can use your coders instead of ours to turn the designs into a live functional website. Once you approve the designs, we package the final editable design files (PSD & AI files) with fonts and instructions for the developers of your choice to start coding.

Can I pay you at the end of the project?

We charge upfront and it needs to be paid in full to get us started. We don’t offer to split invoices and here’s why…

We have between 50 & 100 design projects on the go at any given time, so if we had to split the invoices for every client and send the second invoice after the work is completed, we would need to hire a full time bookkeeper, which means we would need to increase our prices. We charge upfront so we can give you our best price.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do. We promise to give you unlimited design revisions until you approve the designs. However in the very unlikely event that you are truly not happy with our designs, after we have done everything within our power to deliver our best designs to you, using multiple designers and giving you unlimited design revisions, then YES we will give you a refund that we both agree is fair. Our reputation means the world to us and we want you to be satisfied that we have done our best.

Do you give me the Intellectual Property Rights on the designs?

Yes, with all designs that we create for you, we automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you when paid in full. (All of our designers have signed an designers agreement with Studio1 signing the I.P Rights to Studio1, so we transfer the rights to you.)

What are your terms and conditions?

Here is a link to our design terms and conditions.

Here is a link to our coding/development terms and conditions.

Where Are You Based?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne, Australia. Most of our clients are in the USA, Canada, UK. Australia, New Zealand & Europe.

Have another question?

Press the ‘SUBMIT A QUESTION’ button below & we will answer you generally within a couple of business hours. (Australian Time Zone = GMT+10 hours).


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