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eCommerce Website Review Example

before and after before and after

The Results

Before the redesign, the website didn’t look professional and high­end, like the furniture that they sell. It also had leakage points, no copywriting,no authority elements, no social proof and no reason to choose their products over their competitors.

After the client had us redesign their site we changed pretty much everything throughout the entire site. We reduced the size of their logo, we added social proof, their USP, authority icons, copywriting, a ‘why choose us’ video, and a much more modern design overall. Since the redesign, the website has collected a lot more new leads and had a 20% boost in sales.

Service Business Website Review Example

before and after before and after

The Results

Before the redesign, the website didn’t have important conversion assets that a service website should have like social proof. The site looked amateur and dated. Plus it didn’t clearly explain their service and what problem it solves. CLARITY = CONVERSIONS!

After we redesigned the website, we made sure the offer had clarity and displayed the problems they solved. We added a lead magnet, social proof, explained their process of how they work in a visually pleasing way that is say on the eye and we created an entirely new look that has custom icons to enhance the copy and make it easier to read. The site now has it’s own memorable brand personality. As a result, on average each month, there has been a 15% boost in new leads & sales.

Landing Page Review Example

before and after before and after
before and after before and after

The Results

Before the redesign, the pages lacked clarity and were confusing, especially having two ‘Call To Action’ buttons above the fold. Further down the page, three important sections were hidden in tabs and were’t being clicked on. The ‘Pricing Page’ made the three payment options look expensive because they displayed the yearly amount instead of monthly amount as the hero. The design wasn’t great when viewed on a mobile device and the overall look and feel didn’t have the right hierarchy or color balance to draw the eye to the important conversion elements, therefore wasn’t converting many visitors to sales.

After we sent the video brief to the client they hired us to redesign their pages and here’s what we changed… We added the crucially important social proof above the fold so people could instantly see the authority of the brand. This silently influences people to scroll down the page to see ho they can benefit from the offer. We redesigned three important sections to display them all down the page so they couldn’t be missed. On the pricing page we displayed the three pricing options, in a quick overview first, then displayed a more detail view to show the comparisons. The revised design is much better when viewed on a mobile device. It now has clarity and has resulted in a 25% boost in sales.

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