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What’s the Process?

What’s Included?

Why Choose Studio1?

What’s the Process?

  • You send us your client’s site URL and an overview brief.
  • We review the brief and send you an estimated ball-park quote.
  • If they approve, then we send you our design questionnaire for you or your client to fill out.
  • We then have a Zoom call to discuss the design action plan further. (If required).
  • We then send you the final quote and a payment link to be paid upfront to get us started.
  • We then begin the design process and within the first week roughly, we send you the first design for your feedback or approval using InvisionApp, so that our identity is not disclosed.
  • When you or your client leaves comments directly on the design, we are notified so the design team can make any revisions necessary.
  • We make unlimited revisions to the designs until approved.
  • You can either deal with your client directly or you can invite us as your ‘Design Team’ to your project management system and we can deal with your client directly through there. (We don’t disclose our identity to your clients).
  • When you or your client approves the designs, we package the design files and send to you via a Dropbox link, including the editable design files. (Plus we send instructions for the developers).
  • We will sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement or your client’s NDA if you need us to.
  • We automatically transfer the intellectual property rights on the design to you. (You can transfer the IP Rights to your client if you want to.)
  • When you order a design, you will be asked to accept our terms here:
  • We work between 8am and 7pm Australian Time (UTC/GMT+10) so if that timezone doesn’t suit for direct communication, it can be easier for you or your client to give feedback using a tool like to record your screen and voice.

What’s Included?

  • You get to hire our world-class design team that are trained in conversion focused website design.
  • You can claim the designs that we create for you as your own and sell to your clients by adding your own margin.
  • All designs are custom, original and unique. We do NOT use pre-made templates.
  • We have design questionnaires for all of our design services if you need them.
  • You get Unlimited Design Revisions, until approved (as long as the revisions are in-line with the original brief).
  • Once approved you get all original editable design files, plus final design files, fonts, etc.
  • It usually takes around 4 Weeks to design a full website, 2 weeks for a long landing page, or two weeks for a logo design.
  • The first Design will be sent to you within the first week roughly.
  • We will sign your Non Disclosure Agreement or your client’s NDA if you need us to.
  • We automatically transfer the full Intellectual Property Rights on the design to you. (You can transfer the IP Rights to your client if you wish to.)

Why Choose Studio1?

  • Our reputation is built on designing stunning brands, websites and landing pages that get great results for our clients.
  • We have a world-class design team and we understand online marketing.
  • You and your clients can expect us to be reliable, plus you get a quality, professional, unique design with brand personality, that has a strong focus on converting website visitors into leads and customers by using psychological persuasive drivers.
  • Our goal is to build trust with you quickly and build a long term relationship.
  • We have a proven design formula that boosts your clients authority.
  • You get full ownership & Intellectual Property Rights on the designs we create for you.

Some of Our Recent Website Designs

Ready To ‘White Label’ Your ‘Secret Weapon’ Design Team?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients use this ‘White Label’ design service?

Most clients that use our ‘White Label’ design service are digital marketing agencies that want a quality website design that boosts conversions for their clients.

How much do you charge?

Click GET A QUOTE NOW, and answer a few basic questions and we will email you a quote.

Do I need to provide the copywriting & content first?

As long as we have your answers to our design questionnaire and we understand the brief, then we can design most web pages without your copywriting, photos, or videos. We will use placeholders initially, then present the design to you so you know where we will need you to provide the written content.

With sales pages, we usually need your copywriting first. We have page layouts/structure that we know works well for landing pages, depending on the offer, so we can guide you on our call if you need us to.

We can introduce you to one of our conversion-focused copywriting partners if needed when you commit to us. Copywriting quotes can vary between a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on how much copy you need.

How long do I have to wait for my designs from the time I order?

We usually take around 4-5 weeks to design a full website, from the time we have the full brief until we have the entire website designed and approved, including unlimited design revisions. The homepage design will be sent to you within the first week roughly.

We can usually design a long landing page in around 2 weeks from the time we have the full brief. The first design will be sent to you within the first week roughly. Then we make unlimited design revisions until approved.

To design the Logo & Comprehensive Brand Style Guide, the total design phase usually takes around 4 weeks from the time we have the full brief to the time we deliver everything promised, including the mood board, logo design, and full brand style guide and all elements within.

To design a logo design only, we can deliver that within 2 weeks, including unlimited revisions until approved.

Do you really offer unlimited design revisions?

Yes, we offer unlimited design revisions on everything we design for you, until you approve the designs, as long as the revisions are inline with the original brief. If you completely change direction after we start designing, then we will send you a quote before we continue designing to match the new direction.

What if my client or I don’t like the design that you produce for us?

Our goal is to give you designs that you love. If you like what you see in our folio and case studies, there is a high chance that you love what we design for you. If you don’t love the design we create for you, we will revise the design until you do love it. We have a dozen designers, so if you’re not happy with the designs, we can start fresh with a new designer.

Do you offer website coding and how much do you charge?

Yes, we offer website coding on WordPress. We can quote on coding your approved designs into a live functional, responsive website after the designs are approved. Our estimate quote for the coding phase is usually the same price as the design phase, depending on the number of pages and length of the pages, etc. Or you can organize your own coding to turn the designs into a live functional website.

Can I pay you at the end of the project?

We charge up front and it needs to be paid in full to get us started. We don’t offer to split invoices and here’s why…

We have between 50 & 100 design projects on the go at any given time, so if we had to split the invoices for every client and send the second invoice after the work is completed, we would need to hire a full-time bookkeeper, which means we would need to increase our prices. We charge up front so we can give you our best price.

Is there anything not included or that you don’t offer?

  • We don’t offer to create marketing funnels. (We can offer suggestions to improve existing marketing funnels.
  • We don’t code on existing websites that we didn’t design or code. We do offer to code websites if we designed them.
  • We don’t offer building pages on ClickFunnels, LeadPages, or most other page builders.
  • We don’t offer SEO services. (We can introduce you to our SEO partners if needed)
  • Website Hosting. (We use and recommend WP Engine for fast and secure hosting)
  • We don’t work inside your email marketing platforms, like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. (You would need to supply form codes, etc, then we will integrate with the website).
  • We don’t offer ongoing coding support/website maintenance packs. (If you need us to make any more revisions to a live website that we coded, we will be there to help with paid support from US$25 p/hr)

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do. It’s our absolute last resort, however in the very unlikely event that you are truly not happy with our designs and we have done everything within our power to deliver our best designs to you, using multiple designers and unlimited design revisions, then YES we will give you a refund that we both agree is fair. Our reputation means the world to us and we want you to be satisfied that we have done our best.

Do you give me the Intellectual Property Rights on the designs?

Yes, with all designs that we create for you, we automatically sign the Intellectual Property rights over to you when paid in full. (All of our designers have signed an designers agreement with Studio1 signing the I.P Rights to Studio1, so we transfer the rights to you.)

What are your terms and conditions?

Here is a link to our design terms and conditions.

Here is a link to our coding/development terms and conditions.

Where Are You Based?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne, Australia. Most of our clients are in the USA, Canada, UK. Australia, New Zealand & Europe.

Have another question?

Press the SUBMIT A QUESTION’ button below & we will answer you generally within 1-2 business hours. (Australian Time Zone = GMT+10 hours).

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