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Level Up Your Digital Marketing with Pro-Level Graphic Design

Enjoy stunning new graphics for your social media and marketing on-demand crafted by our world-class designers with the help of cutting-edge AI. All for one flat monthly fee.

World-Class Design
For One Flat Fee
Design Revisions
Full Ownership
On All Designs
Monthly Pricing Plans
Original Designs
For All Your Marketing

Our Most Popular Design Services

Social Media Post Template Designs
Lead Magnet PDF Cover Design
Presentation Slide Deck Design
Podcast Cover Art Design
Infographic Design
Email Marketing Design
Blog & Podcast Post Image Design
YouTube Thumbnail Design
Ad Designs For any Social Platforms
Social Media Banners Design
AI-Generated Avatar Images
Animated Gifs and Reels

We Already Know How Epic Your Branding Is

But are you finding it difficult to raise the quality of your marketing graphics to meet that epic level of branding
we’ve created for you?

We’re talking about the never-ending blogs, social media posts and ads that help you attract and convert new customers. You want to stand out for all the right reasons but when the quality of your graphic design is more inconsistent than airport Wi-Fi, you can end up wasting significant time and money trying to find the support you need.

In theory, the countless freelancers available online and the growing number of AI tools should make it easier, faster and more affordable to create epic graphic designs…

But in reality? Finding Consistent, Affordable & Epic Graphic Designers Can Become a Nightmare

Sourcing reliable freelancers takes time (and plenty of luck). Hiring in-house designers is expensive. And while Skynet and the Terminators might be science fiction, new AI tools are only as effective as the people who use them.

Do any of the following describe your experience trying to level up your marketing assets to meet your current branding?

Nightmare finding time

Is it a nightmare to find time to create content for your socials, website, ads and digital marketing campaigns?

Struggling to deliver

Are your current graphic designs struggling to deliver maximum engagement and drive the results you were hoping for?

Low-quality designs

Has the promise of AI tools ended up delivering generic or low-quality designs that don’t do justice to your current branding?

Increase content output

Do you want to increase your content output but don’t want the hassle (or cost) of hiring new designers?

Competition capturing attention

Have you watched your competition capture attention and engagement with high-quality digital content?

Unreliable Designers

Are you sick and tired of designers who are unreliable, often go AWOL, or miss important deadlines?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, we’d love to help.

No more chasing freelancers who go missing more often than the TV remote, cringing at your inconsistent branding, or dealing with the rising cost of trying to create world-class content.

You’ve already taken your website design to the next level.
We’re here to take your content to the next level with world-class,
AI-powered graphic design on demand

How can we
offer world class designs at such an affordable price?

With a growing number of AI tools available to turn your spark of an idea into a design in seconds, chances are you’ve thought about saving time with AI. Honestly, you’d be crazy for not wondering if there’s value there… but there’s a catch.

Creating designs is one thing. Strategy is another.

Our team of conversion-focused designers aren’t just using AI tools to speed up your content creation. We’re combining human creativity with time-saving AI capabilities, wrapped up in strategy and psychological principles to ensure the designs you use are on-brand and moving people towards a conversion.

Fast is good. Fast and effective is better.

Why Choose: Designer On Tap?

We have already designed for you. Now you can enjoy more world-class designs for your online marketing graphic needs, without the high cost of a full-time designer or the uncertainty of hiring a freelancer.

We understand your unique brand better than anyone (since we helped shape it!). Now, you can enjoy high-quality and 100% original designs and graphics to support your online marketing goals while staying true to your brand.

You won’t find a single pre-made template here. Instead, we tap into our team’s skills and expertise whether we’re designing manually or harnessing the power of innovative AI tools. Combining the best of both worlds, you enjoy all the advantages of the technological revolution without the headaches or hassle.

Pay as You Go
No Lock in Contracts

Unlimited Revisions
on Everything

100% Original, Custom
And Unique Designs

You Own The Intellectual
Property Rights on Everything

Designer On Tap is the all-in-one design service trusted by entrepreneurs, business owners
& agencies who want to scale fast.


Manage Everything
From Your Canva Account

We speed up your process by uploading our designs to your Canva account so you can easily access and distribute them on your social media. Not using Canva? No worries. We’ll send the files straight to your inbox so you’re never switching between multiple tools and apps again.

One Affordable
Fixed Rate

Our fixed-rate pricing makes budgeting easy. With a set rate that gives you everything you need to support your digital marketing there’s no more worrying about ballooning costs. It’s simple, easy and super effective.


Your Own Personal Professional Designer

We leverage AI tools to deliver fast, high-quality work, but everything is managed by a real-life designer who makes it all happen. We can design anything from eye-catching illustrations to banner ads, striking social media graphics to lead magnet design.

Unlimited Design

When we say “unlimited” we mean it. Submit and queue up as many requests as you like and we’ll work through them in the order you need ‘em. Balancing speed without compromising quality, you’ll have new designs to review every 24-48 hours.


We understand

Our designs not only look a million bucks, we want them to make you a million bucks. Whether we’re designing for your social media, blog graphics, or an upcoming ad campaign, we’re committed to getting you results.

Awesome Results From Our Clients

“I’m a filmmaker. NOT a designer, not a web designer and certainly not a landing page expert.

I’ve lost count of the number of ‘experts’ who professed greatness, yet whose work disappointed. I was discouraged, frustrated. Great design that converts is measurable.

After lots of false starts, I met Greg and his absurdly gifted team at Studio1 who blew past my greatest expectations and restored my faith.

“Consistently smart, innovative ideas, eye-fetching designs, pages that deliver results. Delivered faster than I thought possible. And they don’t quit til the work is perfect.“

If you and your business deserve the best, if you’d rather not waste time and money on lesser branding, websites or landing pages, take my word for it.

Studio1 is simply ‘as good as it gets’. Full stop!”
Gary Goldstein
Gary Goldstein
Hollywood Producer
of Pretty Woman & Under Seige
“I’ve been in the game for many years, two decades. And I must say that I’ve come across a lot of graphic art studios who promise one thing and deliver the other.

“Studio 1 not only over delivers in terms of the quality, the artwork is just spectacular, but also they over delivers and give it to you on time every time.”
John thumbnail
John Dwyer
Marketer & Entrepreneur
Greg Merrilees and his firm Studio1 Design are incredible. They are rock stars, Greg and his teams are doing just incredible work. They’re very creative. They’re proactive, communicative, and their work is just really stellar.

I was fortunate enough to discover these guys from being in a mastermind and that alone, just that one discovery, was worth the $15,000 a year entry price of being in that mastermind. These guys are that good.

I just can’t endorse him enough. He’s just amazing.

“My personal brand is the strongest it’s ever been and the rates I am able to charge for my services are also at their highest.”
Stephan Spencer
“Greg Merrilees and Studio 1 are the only designers I use and recommend. There is just no other design shop I’ve found that…

They get my highest recommendation. Any other choice would be foolish. No kidding.

“That’s the kind of partner you need when it comes to creating your vision and getting it on the page, so it feels like you when you log into your website.”

I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Kevin Rogers
“We have had nothing but positive results since our new website went live 🙂

Having a more professional website design demonstrates legitimacy in the industry which has helped with podcast guest bookings and new opportunities.

Clear navigation and good user-interface have helped increase opt-ins.

We are proud to promote and share our website now that it better reflects our brand.

“We get compliments all the time, and someone else just said that they use it when showing their clients what a “gold standard podcast website” would look like.”
Jordan Harbinger
Jordan & Jen Harbinger
I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 12 years, and I’ve worked with a lot of graphic designers and graphic design agencies throughout the course of my career.

I have genuinely struggled to find designers that I can work with, in a real relationship & partnership type way where they genuinely will listen to my wants and needs as a client, and not just run off with their own ideas.

“Working with Studio1 Design has really enabled me to take my business to a whole new level when it comes to my online reputation.”

Chris thumbnail
Chris Ducker
ChrisDucker.com Youpreneur.com

Awesome Results From Our Clients

How Does Designer on Tap Work?

Epic, world-class designs guaranteed to fit your branding.


Submit Your Request Via Our Designer on Tap Dashboard

Let us know what you need (with unlimited requests available).
If needed, we’ll send a design questionnaire before we get started.


Sit Back and Relax

With the help of AI, our designers get to work while you focus on literally anything else.



Receive Your Designs

With unlimited revisions, you’ll love the finished work – we guarantee it.
We’ll upload your files directly to Canva for easy access and use.
Don’t have a Canva account? We’ll send design files directly to you.

Choose the Plan That Works For You

All plans include 100% original designs, unlimited revisions, and assets transferred directly
to your Canva account so you can easily distribute across multiple channels.

No contracts. No hidden fees. No headaches trying to find a designer who “gets” your brand.

Designer On Tap

$ 200
  • Choose 3 from the following each week
  • Social Media Post Template Designs
  • Blog & Podcast Post Image Design
  • Ad Designs For any Social Platforms
  • Lead Magnet PDF Design
  • Podcast Cover Art Design
  • Email Marketing Design
  • YouTube Thumbnail Design
  • Social Media Banners Design
  • AI-Generated Avatar Images
  • Animated Gifs and Reels

Designer On Tap

$ 500
  • Choose 10 from the following each week
  • Social Media Post Template Designs
  • Blog & Podcast Post Image Design
  • Ad Designs For any Social Platforms
  • Lead Magnet PDF Design
  • Podcast Cover Art Design
  • Email Marketing Design
  • YouTube Thumbnail Design
  • Social Media Banners Design
  • AI-Generated Avatar Images
  • Animated Gifs and Reels

Designer On Tap

$ 1000
  • Choose 20 from the following each week
  • Social Media Post Template Designs
  • Blog & Podcast Post Image Design
  • Ad Designs For any Social Platforms
  • Lead Magnet PDF Design
  • Podcast Cover Art Design
  • Email Marketing Design
  • YouTube Thumbnail Design
  • Social Media Banners Design
  • AI-Generated Avatar Images
  • Animated Gifs and Reels
  • Infographic Design **
  • Presentation Slide Deck Design *

Please Note: This offer excludes.. Website Design, Landing Page Design, Logo Design or Brand Style Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

We will send you a link so that you can send your brief directly to our design team.

We will review the brief and will let you know if there’s anything we need to get started.

You can order as many designs as needed however, your allocated designer can only work on one design at a time. While we are waiting for your feedback we can start on your next design if you have the brief ready

Unused design credits do not roll over into the next week, so we recommend keeping your design queue full, and keeping our designers busy creating your awesome designs =)

Yes, you can use our design services across brands if you own those brands.

The best way to communicate with our design team is through our email help desk. As soon as we receive your email, we will review it and let you know if we have any questions.  

We send you the design via a feedback tool called: InvisionApp, and when you leave comments on the design, we will let you know that we have received your feedback and will usually send you the revised design the next day.

If you prefer, you can send us video feedback using a tool like Loom.com

Once you have sent us a brief, we will reply and let you know if we have enough information to get started and when you can expect the design. If it’s a quick design, we will most likely send it to you within1-2 business days.

We usually send you the revised design the next day.

Once you approve the designs, we will upload your designs to your Canva account.

If you don’t use Canva we will send you the original editable design files (usually .ai or .psd), plus fonts, plus any other file format you request if available, including .eps .png .tif .jpg. .gif, etc.

Our goal is to give you designs that you love. We do offer you unlimited design revisions or a new version if you don’t like the first version. We have an excellent reputation & proven design process to ensure that you will give you a design that you will love.

If you don’t like the design we will keep revising the design until you are happy with it, or we can completely start again with a new designer.

Our design managers will choose the most suitable designer based on your design brief(s) and their availability at the time. Then when you are happy with a designer, we will make sure that the same designer works on all your projects.

All of our designers are talented, professional designers, who we have trained to understand marketing and conversion-focused design.

Yes. We automatically sign the Intellectual Property Rights over to you. All of our designers have signed contracts that give the Intellectual Property Rights to us, sand we automatically pass the rights onto you.

Yes. You can request a quote here and let us know what you need.

Please note: We do not offer website design, landing page design or logo design as part of our ‘Designer On Tap” service.

Yes, we also design almost any graphics related to marketing and advertising for online or offline marketing. We also design stationery, packaging, point of sale and t-shirt designs. Send us an email for a quote.

Just reply to any of our emails to let us know you would like to pause or stop, and we will action your request immediately. 

If you are not happy with the design we give you the option to have a new version designed with the same designer or we will allocate another designer if you prefer. If you still decide that you do not want to continue with us, then we will refund you for the remaining unused design for the week.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and we have designers both in Australia and other countries.

Most of our clients are in the United States, United Kingdom Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

No. We want to have a life just like you do =)

It’s a hard question to answer. We have designers in different countries that all have different public holidays. We will lt you know if there is going to be a delay due to a holiday.

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