“Studio1 Design are amazing to work with. They designed a few landing pages for our new marketing campaign. They were able to work to a super tight deadline and their stunning designs took our brand to a whole new level. Our offer is converting like crazy!! 1000 new members in the first week from the new landing pages they designed for us! We highly recommend Studio1 Design!”

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Service Business Website –
15% Boost in New Leads & Sales After Review by Studio1 Design


The Results

Before the redesign, the website didn’t have some of the most important conversion assets that a service business websites must have (One example being social proof). The site looked amateur, busy and dated. Plus it didn’t clearly explain the offer and what problem it solves (HOT TIP: Clarity = Conversions!) There were way too many things competing for attention above the fold, which gave people too many choices!

After we redesigned the website, we made sure their offer had clarity and clearly displayed the problems they solved. To attract more leads we added a lead magnet and influential social proof and explained their process of how they work in a visually pleasing way that makes it easier for their visitors to take the desired action. We also created an entirely new look and implemented key features, which enhance their copy and makes it easier to read. The site now has its own memorable brand personality, which installs instant trust for their visitors. As a result, on average each month, there has been a 15% boost in new leads & sales.

eCommerce Website –
20% Boost in Sales After Review by Studio1 Design


The Results

Before the review and redesign, this website didn’t look professional and high-end, like the furniture they sell. It had leakage points, no copywriting, no authority elements, no social proof and no reason to choose their products over their competitors.

After the client had us redesign their site, we changed pretty much everything throughout the entire site. We knew they deserved a website that finally showcased the incredible furniture they had on offer to their customers so it truly represented the quality of what they had to sell. Here’s how we did it…

We added social proof, their unique selling proposition, included powerful authority icons, updated their copywriting, included a ‘why choose us’ video and transformed their design to be more modern and cutting-edge. Since the redesign, their website has converted a lot more visitors into leads and had a 20% boost in sales.

Sales Page


Pricing Page


Before the redesign, their landing pages lacked clarity, were confusing, and included known conversion killers (one example, having two ‘call to action’ buttons above the fold). Further down the page, three important sections were hidden behind tabs and due to tracking software we were able to identify they weren’t being clicked on costing them money.
The ‘pricing page’ made the three payment options look expensive because they displayed the yearly amount instead of monthly amount as the hero. The design was also poor when viewed on a mobile device, and with over 50% of all traffic now viewing websites on a mobile device this was a serious problem. The overall look and feel of their pages didn’t have the right hierarchy or color balance to draw their visitors eyes to the most important conversion elements, therefore they weren’t converting many visitors to sales and missing a huge opportunity in their business.

After we sent a video review to this client, they hired us to redesign their pages and here’s what unfolded next… We added the crucially important social proof above the fold so their visitors could instantly see the authority of their brand. This silently influences people to scroll down the page to see how they can benefit from the offer. We then redesigned the three important sections to clearly display them down the page so they drew attention and couldn’t be missed. On the pricing page we displayed the three options, in a quick overview first, then displayed a more detailed view to show the comparisons. The revised design is beautifully optimized for both desktop and mobile devices to take advantage of traffic using either platform. The landing page now offers clarity for their visitors and has resulted in a 25% boost in sales.

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We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to help you increase your leads, convert more traffic into sales, boost your authority and position you as the leader in your industry, so you can finally create your own marketing machine.

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