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For so many business owners and entrepreneurs, the journey of running your own business is not always a smooth ride. You’ve chosen a path that not many dare to take and we understand first hand the challenges that small businesses face, especially in the service industry.

This is why our mission at Studio1 Design is to help you create the online presence you deserve that not only captures who you are and the incredible offer you have but boosts your bottom line.

Over 20 Years Experience In Design and Online Marketing Goes Into The Magic We Create For You

Our journey below demonstrates the years of experience and expertise that goes into all of the designs that we create for our clients. Today, we’re fortunate enough to help thousands of business owners around the world to tell their unique story by creating beautiful websites they love that
also moves the revenue needle in their business.

We’d love you to be the next business owner we help to take their website and brand to the next level…

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Our Journey So Far…


We designed a range of graphics for
high profile brands and licenses

Which lead to designing consumer products, and
packaging design for global retailers including:

We kept getting busier, so we hired a few
more full-time designers.

Studio1 was founded by
Greg Merrilees in Melbourne,

I always had a passion for illustration and design. In the early days of business we primarily designed t-shirt prints for wholesale fashion clients in Australia, sold through major Australian retailers, like Just Group, Cotton On, Myer, Target, Witchery, etc. As our workload increased we moved into a studio close to the city and to our clients.


The wholesale clothing industry in Australia started being squeezed out by retailers, who started going to the manufacturers directly.

Within 2 years we went from having around 20 wholesale fashion clients to around 5 clients. We had an office and 6 talented full-time designers, yet we didn’t have enough work for all of us. I needed to pivot or Studio1 was going down!! So I started looking for online opportunities. I hired a pair of mentors, who helped me learn social media marketing and online marketing. They liked our designs, so they had us design their website, landing pages and marketing graphics. Then they had us design for 20 of their clients within the mentor group.


We started a site called:

We noticed there weren’t many websites selling t-shirt designs online to digital t-shirt printing businesses. Over the next couple of years we tested many iterations, offers, price points, until we worked out what worked! That’s where we discovered a real passion for website design and online marketing, realising that a well designed website can increase leads and sales!


I discovered podcasts and learned even more about what works with online marketing. 

I was listening to (T.A.G.) with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone, and they mentioned that they didn’t love their podcast logo, so I sent them a new logo design for free, just to say “thanks” for their awesome FREE podcast. They loved the logo, so we printed it on t-shirts and they wore the t-shirts live on stage. We then designed a new website banner for them and we started designing for their other brands too. They realised we had talent, so they started referring us to their clients too. Then Ezra started using our design team for all of his online marketing funnels.


I then joined James Schramko’s Silver Circle

James came to my studio one day and asked me why I have an office. I had never really thought about why I had an office, James then said ‘What if I can show you a better way?’ So I joined SilverCircle and then we started getting amazing momentum. Many years later, James is still my business coach today!


I sent more free t-shirt designs to other podcasters including:

John Lee Dumas, Perry Marshall, Chris Ducker, Clay Collins, Pat Flynn, Russell Brunson, Kevin Rogers, Keith Kranc, and many others. I then launched where we offer these t-shirts to the podcaster’s fans and we split the profits 50/50 with each partner.

I then built trust with the podcasters over time and started designing some of their websites and then they started referring us to their communities for web design.


We then started designing websites, and marketing graphics for many high profile marketers and brands around the world.

We even designed for the Kerns and Tony Robbins through a client that ‘white labeled’ our design team.


Throughout the next couple of
years our name spread fast!

I was interviewed on many podcasts for
online marketing communities, plus I
started sharing my knowledge on co-hosted


I faced my fear of public speaking = woohoo!

For the first time in my life I spoke on stage. I spoke at James Schramko’s annual event ‘Superfast Business Live’ in Sydney, then again at Ezra Firestone’s ‘eCommerce All-Stars’ event in San Diego. Those speaking opportunities grew our customer base even further. (it still scares me to be on stage, but it feels so good afterwards =)


I started a podcast called with co-host, Alan Nunez.

Alan runs his own successful design business. We both share our knowledge and unpack design to help business owners work together to create amazing design that’s profitable.


We designed for Frank Oz!  (WTF?! =)

I am very proud of the designs we created for the voice of the Muppets, and Yoda from Star Wars!!

We designed the sales page for his new documentary. Muppet Guys Talking.


We released our recurring design service called ‘’.

This service is mainly for digital agencies that have an ongoing need for ‘high converting web page design and marketing graphics for them and their clients. All for a single flat monthly fee.


Designed for over 1500
influencer and businesses

Bill Zanker, Tony Robbins and Pitbull for GritBxng.

Chris Ducker, from

Jordan Harbinger from


We look forward to helping you take your website
and brand to the next level =)

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