How to Design Your Website So You Can Charge More

In every niche, there are cheap offers, expensive offers, and every price point in between.

Do you know where the price point for your offer currently sits in your niche?

Being the cheapest is not a great strategy for small businesses because it’s usually a race to the bottom. It can work for larger businesses like Amazon & Walmart because of their high volumes.

When you charge a lower price, you usually attract clients or customers that are harder to please. If they aren’t happy, you don’t have a big enough margin to put in more effort to fix issues, so you and your customer end up frustrated.

If you’re struggling to raise your prices, it could be because your website is letting your business down.

Do you have the confidence to raise your prices?

Most people don’t charge more because they aren’t confident enough to make such a bold pricing move, because they think they won’t get as many sales.

That’s probably true if their website isn’t strategically designed however, imagine if you could charge more, without making any changes to your offer!

What would that mean for you and your business?

When you charge more…

  • You attract higher-level clients that put more trust in your offer.
  • Which means your clients are usually better to work with.  
  • Which means you are able to deliver more value with your offer. 
  • Which means you are able to make more profit.
  • Which means your lifestyle is likely to improve.

However, people will only pay more for your offer if you can display a higher perceived value of your offer by boosting your authority level and proving that others desire your offer too. 

To better illustrate this point, here’s a case study about Robert Ryman

Ryman was an American artist, one of the first conceptualism artists who started the art movement in the 1950s called Minimalism. 

Ryman’s signature painting style was white paint applied with barely noticeable strokes upon a white background. (White on white)

If you stood back a few meters, you’d believe you were staring at a blank white canvas.

Minimalist paintings are not so much about the skills needed to create them but more about the idea. That’s because art begins in the mind, and Ryman was bold enough to be original and not copy another artist’s style. 

In 2015, one of Ryman’s ‘almost blank’ canvases sold for a staggering amount!

It sold for a huge $20 million!

Seriously. It sold for $20.6 Million at Christie’s auction in 2015.

Most people think the minimalism movement is pretentious nonsense. It can really set people off =)

You may be thinking what a lot of people say “Even I could do that!”  

 … that may be true, but you didn’t!

That type of response attracted a lot of attention to Ryman’s artwork and he became THE AUTHORITY for white-on-white paintings.

Ryman was unique, original, and consistently painted hundreds of white-on-white paintings, and over the next 5-6 decades his paintings sold for more and more.

With that level of authority, reputation, and following, it means future buyers will likely pay even more for Ryman’s work. 

Without planning it, Ryman used these hidden persuasive drivers:

  • He was Unique & Original
  • He created Desire 
  • He built his Reputation & Authority
  • He had loads of Social Proof
  • He was Consistent
  • He had Scarcity

All of those persuasive drives increased the perceived value of his artwork.

Why do some people pay high prices and what’s going on in their minds?

For some people, It’s a status symbol to pay more for something if that brand represents exclusivity and is known for being high priced. 

Some people want bragging rights to say they have purchased something of high value. It gives them a sense of achievement. 

Others take pride in paying a high price for something because they believe if they pay more, then they are investing in better quality.

So as a business owner, the more desire and perceived value you can create in your offer, the more people will pay for it.

Your prospects judge your offer based on its perceived value.

To boost your perceived value so you can charge more, take a look at your website because it’s usually where people discover your offer or where they go to learn more about it, so it plays a huge part. 

Your website and brand need to be strategically designed in a way that positions your business as an authority and demonstrates that your offer can get a great result for your prospects.

Your prospects will be more likely to invest in your offer if they believe they will get a better outcome.

When your clients are happy with the great results you have helped them achieve, then they are likely to give you praise. Put that and a case study of how you helped them on your website, and you are bound to attract more high-level clients. 

Don’t let your website and brand be the reason people don’t buy from you!

The secret weapon for increasing the perceived value of your offer is having a quality brand and website design that’s conversion-focused and uses persuasive copywriting & elements throughout.

Most leaders have professionally designed websites using that approach because they recognize that it increases the perceived value of their offer.  

Industry leaders don’t want to risk NOT being seen as a leader because of a poorly designed website. 

How does your website need to be designed so you can charge more?

There are many things your website needs to boost your perceived value so you can charge more. We have broken it down into seven key areas for you to focus on… 

7 things your website needs to boost your perceived value:

  1.  Clear Brand Positioning
  2.  Persuasive Sales Copywriting
  3.  Quality Videos and Photography
  4.   Unique Images & Graphic Elements
  5.   Color Palette to Appeal to Your Audience
  6.   Psychological Drivers & Elements
  7.   Visual Hierarchy that Drives Focus

With Ryman’s white paintings, the cost of his canvas and paint did not equal the value of his masterpiece he sold for $2o Million, which means the perceived value is much higher than the cost. I know it’s hard to believe but Ryman passed away a few years ago, so the sky is the limit for how much his paintings are worth because investors realize that his work has even more scarcity now. So the big takeaway here is…

The perceived value of your offer is in the mind of your buyer

When people are considering purchasing your offer, one of the first things they are wondering is; How much is it?

If your website has a mediocre design, average messaging, poor positioning, and little social proof, then your visitors will perceive that your offer is low-priced. 

If your website positions your offer as premium and has proof that other high-level people or businesses are better off purchasing your offer, then your prospects are more likely to expect to pay a premium price for your offer.  

So, if you can drive up the perceived value of your offer, without making any changes to the offer, the actual cost of your offer doesn’t really matter. 

What matters is how much people are willing to pay for it. 

When you charge more, you should be able to make more profit. 

Let’s dive deeper into the 7 things to maximize the perceived value of your offer so you can charge more…

The secret lies in the following persuasive copywriting & design elements needed throughout your website:

1   Clear Brand Positioning
When people land on your website, you want them to clearly understand what value your offer represents. It needs to look the part and position your offer correctly so it appeals to your target audience. 

If your design is pro-level, and your messaging and social proof clearly makes you look like a leader, your audience is far more likely to perceive your offer as a higher value.

We recently redesigned EvanMarcKatz.com and since going live Evan’s coaching sales revenue has been strong. The percentage of people showing up to his sales calls has grown to 70%, and he now closes a higher percentage of sales on those calls, because the QUALITY of his leads has improved, even though he raised his prices, which means the new website has boosted the perceived value of his offer.


2   Persuasive Sales Copywriting
If you’re truly striving for online success, incorporating professional copywriting is crucial to maximizing your website’s impact and resonating with your target audience.

Why is quality copywriting so important?

  • Most internet users browse with specific goals in mind – seeking answers, solutions, or fulfillment of particular needs.
  • Effective website copy engages the reader in a dialogue, painting a vivid picture of how their life will improve once their needs are met through your product or service.
  • Understanding your audience’s core needs is paramount before crafting copy that speaks directly to their desires and motivations.
  • Well-written content establishes a personal connection, guiding the reader toward the realization that your offering is the ideal solution.

Your copywriting plays a huge role in building your customers’ perception of your offer. If done correctly, it lets your audience know why your offer is worth the price you charge.

Your website’s visitors sole concern is “What’s in it for me?”

They want to know if you offer a solution to their problem, which is why a clear and compelling unique selling proposition (USP) on your homepage is critical. Directly addressing their pain points in your headline, followed by a sub-headline or bullet points outlining your solution, can be an incredibly effective approach.

Crafting an emotionally captivating headline is key:

  • Ditch the impersonal, broad-audience tone that feels like you’re addressing an auditorium.
  • Instead, speak to each visitor as an individual, fostering a one-on-one connection.
  • Rather than a generic headline like “Welcome to our website. We help small businesses with their bookkeeping,” try a more personalized approach: “Don’t have time to keep on top of your books? Let us take care of your bookkeeping so you have more time to run your business.”
  • This direct, conversational style immediately establishes relevance and positions your offering as the solution they need.


3   Quality Videos and Photography 
Professional videos are great for boosting the perceived value of your brand and offer. if they are tools that can your audiences. Use videos of your clients’ stories & testimonials on how your product can improve their lives.

Having professional photos makes you look more authoritative. If you have products having pro-level photos of people interacting with your products, and having close-ups of the features of your products will make them look more desirable.

If you have low-quality photos on your website, that don’t showcase the true value of your brand, your audience may not think your offer is as good as it is, therefor you risk lowering its perceived value. 

Here’s what owner, Ryan Spanger from DreamEngine.com.au said about 6-months after his new website went live:

“My website helps me to feel confident and proud because it is very much in alignment with or style, culture, values, and approach. Commissioning the website has been an excellent investment. We receive a lot of positive feedback. And, most importantly, it has been the catalyst for many new business relationships.”

Watch the BEFORE & AFTER video below…


4   Unique Images & Graphic Elements
Color is a powerful design element in website design. It can be used to attract attention, express meaning, create desire, drive conversions, and even earn a customer’s loyalty. Good color choices take careful planning and when done correctly can influence how a visitor interprets what they see, and when you use a consent-limited color palette, you become more memorable.

It also affects how we perceive the value of a product or brand. 

We used a lot of color in the new website design for BubblegumCasting.com.au to appeal to their target audience and give them a fun, cool & stylish appearance. We added a lot of fun graphic elements throughout the design to give it unique and memorable branding. Also, they showcased their talent with their own unique quality photography. The result of the overall appeals to their target audience boosts the perceived value of their talent agency and as a result, they have boosted their conversion rate for inquiries.

Watch the BEFORE & AFTER video below…


5   Color Palette to Appeal to Your Audience
Color can be used to attract attention, express meaning, create desire, drive conversions, and even earn a customer’s loyalty. Good color choices take careful planning and when done correctly can influence how a visitor interprets what they see as much as layout and copywriting. 

This detailed article on color dives deeper into why color it’s one of the most powerful elements in website design.

When we designed the website for QAIMEW.com we used a lot of white and neutral background colors to put more focus on their super-cool products. We then used a limited color palette, mainly with yellow as the strong dominant color to help showcase their product and also used a highlight of yellow throughout. 

They have professional photography of their slippers, using different angles and layouts with a lot of color backgrounds and clear space that makes their brand, website, and products look cool and stylish.

The result of the overall website design, positions their products as a premium range that can justify a premium price tag with confidence.

Watch the BEFORE & AFTER video below…


6   Psychological Drivers & Elements
What we are talking about here are all of the elements we scatter throughout our website designs, like the ‘As Seen On’ logos, Featured in’, client logos, client testimonials, and case studies, and impact metrics. 

We use those elements throughout every website we design as we did here for EliyahuJian.com.  The impact metrics we used such as: ’30+ years of coaching and transforming lives’ and ‘Thousands of people helped globally’, and the pro-level of design helped to instantly boost the credibility of the brand by showcasing the authority level of our client.

We make sure we use social proof on every page and have a consistent look and feel throughout. Eliyahu is the author of a book, so we displayed that on his home page. That also adds to his authority.

Watch the BEFORE & AFTER video below…


7   Visual Hierarchy that Drives Focus

All of the six points above need to work in harmony to draw attention to the messaging and support the messaging. The last thing we want is the design to take the focus away from the copywriting. The design needs to keep the eye reading the copy throughout the pages.

Please don’t use full-screen video backgrounds, or moving banner images, or animated parallax effects or you will drive your visitor’s attention away from your messaging.

If the visual hierarchy balances your color palette, copywriting, imagery, and graphic elements, without having distractions, it can really drive clarity and focus your visitor’s attention to taking action.  So visual hierarchy can be a real game-changer to boosting your conversions. if you get that right.

Watch the BEFORE & AFTER video below…



3 Bonus Tips:

1.   To boost your exclusivity, display a sense of scarcity on your website. For example,  let people know if you have limited stock, limited seats, and limited time, and really emphasize that scarcity. I often see a lot of service businesses offer a free call, then on the booking calendar, they have 10 available times every day of the week. That immediately lets people know that nobody else has booked a call. So if that’s you, edit your available times and vary them each day.

2.   If you offer something that may seem expensive, display another offer next to it that is 2-10 times the price and has some extras added but not much more. That will psychologically make people think that your standard offer is much better value.

3.   If you offer a very high ticket item, use a color palette and design style that exudes high class, like high contrast black and white, and a metallic highlight like silver, gold, rose gold etc. Use photos and videos of you wearing expensive clothes and expensive settings.


In Summary, ask yourself this…  

Does your website position your offer in a way that maximizes your perceived value, and does it position you as an industry leader?

If the answer is ‘no’, then you could be missing out on a huge opportunity for your business growth.

You could just randomly put a high price tag on your offer, but be warned that unless your audience perceives it as something they will get enormous value from, then it won’t convert.  

Need help boosting the perceived value of your offer?

If you like what you have read here and you’re considering a rebrand or a new website, you can hire Studio1’s professional branding & website design team. 

Our team understands marketing unlike most web designers out there. All too often, they focus only on the aesthetics of a website because they don’t understand what it takes to drive leads and sales.

Here’s how we’ll create the perfect brand & website for your business: 

  • First, we dive deep into our strategy session. You answer some questions and we take the time to understand your goals and objectives. Then after our 1-hour Zoom call, you feel confident about your marketing and brand positioning strategy take your website & brand to a whole new level. 
  • Then we start designing your new website & branding. We use psychological drivers & trust-boosting elements with the right visual hierarchy to position your brand to entice your ideal customer to do business with you.
  • We position your customers as the hero and your business as their guide, by making sure your message is persuasive, hooks people emotionally, and explains clearly how you solve your prospect’s problems.
  • We focus on boosting the perceived value of your offer. We create desire by using authority, scarcity, social proof, and other psychological factors that positively influence your client’s perception of your business and persuade them to convert. 
  • Finally, we give you unlimited design revisions until you approve all designs, ready for the website build/coding phase.

What sort of return on investment can you expect?

If you hire Studio1Design you can expect your website and brand to appeal to the psyche of your ideal clients, so you can have the best chance of converting your website visitors to achieve your business and marketing objectives. 

Check out some of our client results here.

To get started press the link below to get a quote, then you will have a conversation with a member of our team to see how we can increase the perceived value of your offer on your website and help grow your profit.


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They were sensitive and alert to our schedule throughout, proactively providing creative ideas and responding to our adjustments. The design team turned things around with impressive speed.

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“Our business is only 3 years old, which is when Studio1 designed our website, and we are on course to be doing around 5 million this year just in online sales.”

We know that your designers know what they are doing. Highly recommended!”
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Matt Mcalister
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