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“Working with Studio1Design was terrific! Greg and his team are total professionals.

They were sensitive and alert to our schedule throughout, proactively providing creative ideas and responding to our adjustments. The design team turned things around with impressive speed.

As a result, we got the website up in record time and hit our targets.”

Frank Oz

“Greg and his team at Studio 1 are undoubtedly the best web designers in the world. Our law firm just launched our new site, and I am thrilled with the end result! Our traffic and enquiries are already at all time highs after just a couple of weeks after going live!

Early into our partnership with Studio 1, I recognized just how much they wanted our law firm to succeed and thrive. They treated our business like it was their own.

They took the time to understand my vision and brought it to life. In fact, Greg and his team surpassed my dream vision. We reviewed dozens of competing personal injury sites together and agreed that none were truly remarkable. We set out to create a gold standard in the personal injury space, and I humbly believe we did just that with

I cannot thank Greg and his team enough. I am singing their praises from here in Indiana to Australia!”

Brandon Yosha

“We had many reviews of our website and it’s off the charts of how good it looks!

There have been numerous people saying that it’s the best website they’ve ever seen.  And the conversion rate on it after everything was done is huge!

We’re on course to be doing around 5 million this year just in sales online.

So we obviously had a positive experience with Studio1.  We know how you work, we trust you, we know that your designers know what they are doing. Highly recommended!”

Matt Mcalister

“Our website is a huge asset for us. We hire somebody to run our pay-per-click ads, and she specializes in self-storage businesses. I had her on my podcast and she was talking about conversion rates, how much it should cost to acquire a customer to acquire a lead. And she actually said, “Dean, I can see your figures, but your figures aren’t normal.” She said, “Your website far exceeds every other account that we’ve got in terms of conversion, and we look after over 100 different self-storage facilities.” So the website you create for us converts far superior to any other website in the entire industry. So that on its own is massive because that means I know that I can spend more on ads than my local rivals because we’re converting better than them.

We’ve had so many people ask me, “Who did your website?” So I’ve mentioned you guys to a few people, but I don’t want to tell my local competitors who did it. Because my unfair advantage is the website, and people have now started copying exactly how we do things on the website.”

Dean Booty

“I can tell you that having a much more polished, much more credible website gives third parties, much more confidence in us as a company. We’ve always been very reliant upon paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram. Again, this theme of credibility is very important to our business. And when we’ve reached out to third parties about doing articles about hair loss, obviously, one of the first things you’re going to do is go to the website.

Having a website that now portrays the company in a very professional, stylistic way, gives us much more credibility with third parties makes it that much more likely that they’re going to refer to our company in articles that they’re writing.

One thing that we have noticed since the new website has been published, is a real uptick in terms of third parties, including us in TOP10 lists, so we’re getting a lot of traffic now from third parties over and above the traffic we’ve always counted on from paid advertising, which I think is in large part, driven by the professionalism of the website.”

Jonathan Swichar

“We have had nothing but positive results since our new website went live 🙂

Having a more professional website design demonstrates legitimacy in the industry which has helped with podcast guest bookings and new opportunities.

Clear navigation and good user-interface have helped increase opt-ins.

We are proud to promote and share our website now that it better reflects our brand.

We get compliments all the time, and someone else just said that they use it when showing their clients what a “gold standard podcast website” would look like.”

Jordan & Jen Harbinger

“In 2020, we invested in a new website despite COVID hitting the business world hard. Since our new site launched, we’ve had multiple months where we have broken our monthly sales records.

Our new website positions our company as the thought leaders and experts that we are in our field. Our previous website didn’t come close.

We are getting more monthly opt-in for our free workshop, better quality sales call appointments, and more potential clients listening to our podcast. I’m so glad we made the investment to update our website to match the quality of service we provide our bookkeeping clients.”

Parker Stevenson

“Working with Greg and Studio 1 is an incredible experience. They are the absolute best quality and deliver on time. I really love that they work with me toward a shared vision and always make my dreams even better in reality.

My website gets a gazillion compliments and that’s a tribute to Greg’s clear vision and eye for detail, and the team’s ability to implement on everything I include in my design brief. I’ve had them do everything for me from banner design to ebooks to cover images to style guides and my full on website – no job is too big or small – and they consistently communicate, get clarity and are just all around amazing to work with.

I tell everyone about them. Having the right designer who understands your vision and also understands online marketing is a crucial piece of my business success.”

Bree Argetsinger

“If you want an authority website that converts traffic into paying customers AND a great-looking site that represents your brand well then Greg is your man! I’ve trusted Greg and his team to build five separately branded sites so far that all enjoy terrific conversions and I tell anyone who wants a serious site to use them! They know what you need before you do so you’re in good hands!”

Average Monthly Visits:
2857 Pre Studio1 Redesign
4774 Post Studio1 Redesign

Average Monthly Goal Completion:
621 Pre Studio1 Redesign
1573 Post Studio1 Redesign

Bryce Holdaway

“When it comes to online marketing, I’ve certainly learned a lot over the last few years, I’ve sold more than $15 million online.

When I started online, I had no design, you’d be horrified to look in the Wayback Machine and some of my properties. And you might want to vomit. I’m a huge convert of good design. If you want to have a good design, you have to invest but what it does, is it really lifts the perception of the brand, the confidence of the buyer, and the professionalism. Just take a look at the top authorities or gurus in any field, and the majority have a professional-looking site. It’s just how it is.

And quite interestingly, I’ve seen some people who aren’t even that on I would, I would say they’re not that talented or special, but really great designers carried them a little further than they might have got otherwise.

And one thing is for certain, design is more important online than you would think. And that is because people need to give you trust, and they make an immediate impression about you when they land on your website.

I’ve been using the services of Greg Merrilees and Studio1 Design, because I know that he’s got a great eye for design and he produces some amazing stuff. And that’s why he’s designing for a lot of the top names on the internet.

They are worth the investment. If you’re going to spend some money on design, get someone who’s connected to the online world who has a good eye for design, but also understands conversions, and can really translate your vision.

If you tell them what sort of business you have, they are going to listen to you and come with some very accurate design concepts.

Studio1 designed both my websites, my podcast designs, my logos, and my book cover. I’ve even worked closely with Greg in his business and having that great relationship has given me an insight into how good his designs are.

I do recommend Greg Merrilees and Studio1 for design.”

James Schramko

“We are an online business coaching service serving the video production industry. We’re working a very, very small niche, helping video business owners around the world scale their business, put in systems and understand how to monetize their creativity in a more robust way that delivers more freedom, and in time off the tools.

The site went live in April. We’re now in September. It’s made an enormous difference to our business – we just had our biggest month ever.  I absolutely put that down to the site and the copy.

On multiple occasions, where someone was on the fence, they came back within 24 hours and, without any prompting, bought the program. That is 100% down to the website and the copy doing their job.

I’m just hugely grateful to you and the team because it’s been huge.

Our logo, our website, our social media – everything has a synergy. It has been the best investment I’ve ever made. And I’ve not even worked out the ROI yet because it’s already way more than I paid.

Studio1 understands direct response, you understand that the website is there to do a job and not just look pretty. Everything on the site has been designed to direct a response from a visitor. And I think that is the most important thing.

I love it.  Thank You”

Den Lennie

“The team at Studio 1 Design were incredible.

We had a vision of what we wanted our site to look like so were very specific about every component, the guys were adaptable, responsive and gave us unlimited support throughout the process to ensure we got exactly what we wanted, their artistic eye brought it to life.

I have already, and will continue to do so, recommend anyone to Greg and the team, needing a cost effective designed website (we were a start-up so big factor), with the look, functionality and feel of a website some spend tens of thousands on.”

David Smith

“Studio 1 have captured my brands’ essences with smart design.

I have total confidence in Greg’s team to produce cutting edge design that works for real businesses.

Since working with Studio1 our website design now matches our market-leading approach and the new website has dramatically improved the results in our business because we confidently promote our website and it has raised the perceived value of our brand in the eyes of our clients.”

Mark Ottobre

“I am very grateful for the assistance of Greg and his team in the design of our website, and many other components of our marketing graphics. They have been incredibly tuned in to creating designs for us focussed on conversion, but their design style is also just brilliant and has really captured the essence of our business and style.

On top of that Studio 1 are just so good to work with – very quick, highly responsive, and very proactive in going the extra mile in their oversight of the implementation of the website designs. I unreservedly recommend them.”

Joanna Oakey

“We took on your design and development teams on good faith, and it worked out very well. The teams made updates in a timely manner and the feedback on the site from our clients is positive.

I’d happily recommend Studio1 and will be in the future with my clients. Please feel free to share this with your team and your website, it’s been an excellent experience.”

Robert McAdam

“Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Beurkens. My website is I am a licensed clinical psychologist and nutrition specialist working with children and young adults who have a wide variety of developmental and mental health conditions.

Studio 1 is one of my favorite companies to work with. I first met them several years ago when I was really frustrated with my website, it was kind of outdated, it wasn’t converting as we needed it to. And immediately Greg and the team grasped my vision for what I wanted the site to be and helped me completely overhaul it created a beautiful new design with lots of updates and functionality. And I’ve done several projects with them since design work and some website work.

And what I appreciate most about them is their follow-through they are timely. They do what they say they’re going to do, they get back to me when I need them to, and really everybody from the people on the design team to the implementation and coding team, the project management team. They’re just all really wonderful to work with. And I have appreciated all of their hard work and the opportunities I’ve had to do projects with them.

My new site converts really well I get tons of compliments on how beautiful it is. It’s really a great representation of my brand and who I am and the work that I’m doing in the world. So I’m thrilled about that and I have recommended and will continue to recommend Studio1Design to any of my colleagues in the integrative health realm. Anybody who has an online brand and is looking to really up-level your site and have to be beautiful and functional and convert while you can’t find a better team.”

Dr. Nicole Beurkens

“Hey, it’s Chris Ducker here from And I wanted to say a couple of quick words in regards to working with Greg, and his brilliant team over at Studio1 Design.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 12 years, and I’ve worked with a lot of graphic designers and graphic design agencies throughout the course of my career.

I have genuinely struggled to find designers that I can work with, in a real relationship & partnership type way where they genuinely will listen to my wants and needs as a client, and not just run off with their own ideas.

Working with Greg and the team at Studio1 has really enabled me to take my business to a whole new level when it comes to my online reputation, particularly in regards to web design in regards to logo design, in regards to T-shirt design, swag design, you name it.

I can genuinely say that if you’re looking to work with an agency that is professional that’s going to deliver the goods on time at a really really high-quality spec then Studio1 is where you need to be looking.”

Chris Ducker

“We’ve worked with a whole bunch of different graphic designers over the years. But now we pretty much always just consistently go back to Studio1.

They are our go-to designers, really the only designers we work with, and the reason why is because they’re focused on conversion. They know conversion inside and out, whether it’s mobile, desktop, tablet, whatever they designed for conversions, and it looks classy and looks beautiful.

They design big, modern, beautiful type stuff and they just get it. We don’t need to go through rounds and rounds of stuff to make things work. So we send all our clients there as well.

So if you’re thinking about graphic design, I strongly recommend you check out Studio1 Design.  These guys are awesome.”

Greg Cassar

“Hey, Greg and to the Studio1 Design team in Melbourne,

Jim Carroll here Global Futures Trends and Innovation Expert. I just wanted to send some thoughts on the work that you did to rebrand and relaunch my awesome new website,

I’ve been on the web and on the internet for a long time, I’ve been online since 1982. And I’ve had a website since 1995.

My website as a year ago was creaky. A lot of information. The design was actually kind of pathetic, but there was 17 years worth of blog posts in there, and I needed something that was crisp, looked good, and really got across the customized work that I do for my clients.

I managed to come across Studio One design, I ended up on a phone call with Greg. And I was really mesmerized and absolutely fascinated by how quickly you’re zoned in on the key issues that I bring to my clients, my value proposition, the branding that I have, and the essence of how I try and position myself with my global clients, which include Mercedes Benz, Disney, NASA, organizations like that.

You never gave up and I’ve ended up with with an absolutely fabulous website.

I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in giving you a reference and advising people if they want to find one of the world’s best web design firms, who really gets it, really understands how to work with their clients and really understands the key message that they’re trying to get across and how to work that into the design, you won’t do any better than Studio1 design.

Greg & Studio1 absolutely fabulous to work with you.”

Jim Carroll

“Big thank you to Studio1, they have done an amazing job when they redesigned our website.

Since then our conversions have gone up, our sales have increased, and our customers are loving the brand new design. So, fantastic job! Highly recommend you check them out. If you’re looking for a designer then Studio1 design is my recommendation.

In fact, that’s the team that I recommend to all our members.

I love what they do. I love how they communicate with their members. I love how they are fast. And they provide their first draft and all the updates super fast.

With Studio One design, everything is easy. Because you talk to them once at the beginning. You tell them what they want, you fill out a questionnaire where they really get to know your audience, your market, what you want, the style you like, and then they start working.

They always keep you updated. They let you know what’s happening, they give you the first draft, which usually looks awesome. And if you need to tweak it, that’s okay, you are going to work with that designer one on one, they’re going to do the changes super fast. And at the end of the day what happens is that your website ends up being live very fast, your conversions will likely increase.

Your brand will look way better, and your visitors are going to love your website.

So whenever someone asked me “Hey, John, which designer do you recommend?” It’s a no brainer. Greg and the team.

Very awesome. Check them out. If you’re wondering if you’re thinking about checking them out using their services, highly recommend it.”

John Lint

Amica Digital has partnered with Studio1 Design for over 5 years for Branding Design and Website Design for our top customers.

Studio1 Design’s work is world-class and because of the high quality work they do, we choose to work with them over other design agencies.

When it came time to refresh our own website, of course we turned to Studio1 Design.

We are delighted with the creative design they did for us.

Not only did the design help us to reposition ourselves with a new market segment, it also gave us confidence to do more with our own marketing.

With our old site, we didn’t want to post new content or run any paid ads to the site, because it didn’t reflect who we were as a brand or speak to the customers we serve.

The new design now a true reflection of us and as a result, we post regularly, share content on social media and we have multiple marketing funnels in place.

In terms of hard numbers:
– our website traffic is by 225%
– pageviews are up by 173%
– leads have increased by over 50%

Thank you Studio1 Design for not only designing a great site for us but also for providing outstanding designs and service for our own clients.

Suellen Hughes

I work with martial arts school owners, and we transitioned from an agency to a coaching model. Part of the agency model was developing websites, so paying for a website design for me was kind of a big deal!

I am very familiar with the pitfalls, and the problem you run into with web design companies, and there’s always a lack in skills with quality design, build or marketing knowledge, so finding a team that knows that blend to get everything right is quite rare.

Going through the initial process with Greg really set my mind at ease knowing that they took the time to understand my business and offers.

It wasn’t a cookie cutter approach at all. It was ‘Let’s understand your audience, your avatar, your marketing, your market, what type of offers you have, how do the conversions look’, and they helped strategise a plan for increasing my conversions. Then the design was created from there with unlimited design revisions. And I was very impressed coming from a web development background.

Greg and the team have delivered a phenomenal, outstanding website, & I couldn’t be more proud of my world class design, the functionality, and just a really, really epic website that’s helping my business grow as a whole!

So if you need help with getting a website done that really helps elevate your brand, I highly recommend Greg & the Studio1 team.

George Fourie

“I’m a filmmaker. NOT a designer, not a web designer and certainly not a landing page expert.

I’ve lost count of the number of ‘experts’ who professed greatness, yet whose work disappointed. I was discouraged, frustrated. Great design that converts is measurable.

After lots of false starts, I met Greg and his absurdly gifted team at Studio1 who blew past my greatest expectations and restored my faith.

Consistently smart, innovative ideas, eye-fetching designs, pages that deliver results. Delivered faster than I thought possible. And they don’t quit til the work is perfect. If you and your business deserve the best, if you’d rather not waste time and money on lesser branding, websites or landing pages, take my word for it.

Studio1 is simply ‘as good as it gets’. Full stop!”

Gary Goldstein

“My new website is clearly working because it drives a lot of leads to my business. And all of the authority elements that Studio1 has woven into the website helps with positioning. Which really helps me in the sales conversation. Because clients already have a clear understanding of the position we hold in the market, the calibre of clients we work with, and the results that we achieve for them.

My website helps me to feel confident and proud because it is very much in alignment with or style, culture, values and approach.

Commissioning the website has been an excellent investment. We receive a lot of positive feedback. And, most importantly, it has been the catalyst for many new business relationships.”

Ryan Spanger

“Greg’s team did such an amazing job redesigning my whole website. I regularly get compliments on it from my clients. Studio1 created a custom design that was in-line with the brand I was trying to create, and it now reflects our business and story perfectly. Since it went live, we have increased our conversion rate across the website,

Specifically, en running ads to a landing page for my ‘Gotcha Guide’ lead magnet. The stats on the new page far out converted the old page. It converts really well. I can tell you that the landing page that you guys created for me convert with cold traffic from June 1 to December 31 is converted at 44% and it generated 865 leads!”

I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Greg and his team for their impeccable eye for design and attention to detail.”

Ilana Wechsler

“Since Studio1 redesigned our website last year we have had so much positive feedback back about the overall look, feel and flow of our website design from our members and other music educators. My team and I are all very proud of how the website represents us as a business, which is very important I think and helps to focus what we are trying to build together.

Over the past 12 months the design combined with new copywriting has helped increase our conversion for new members joining Sax School too. We have added over 1000 new students to our paid membership community in the past 12 months and the rate of uptake on our free introductory offers has helped our mailing list grow by over 25,000 people.

Most importantly I feel that the new website design has been a welcome update to the look and feel of our business to new students and helped to unify the design and branding of our business over all our marketing. Although I was hesitant to hand off the design and web development to an expert, it was in retrospect the best decision I could make for my business because Studio1 did so much better than I could have, and it allowed me to focus on building my business instead of tinkering with the website!”

Nigel McGill

“For the first time I thought maybe I should actually get my site professionally designed and I saw I like everything they had there. I went through their process and it all just made sense. They were great to work with. We work together over several weeks to get it exactly how I wanted it and they were not going to stop until I was completely satisfied with their design.

You can certainly spend ten grand, twenty grand or even more on web design. I think Studio1’s price is a good happy medium because you can also go the other way and hire somebody for less and spend $500 on web design, but you get what you pay for. I think Studio1 does a great job of finding that happy medium between, not breaking the bank on the cost, and doing an incredible quality of work!”

Jacques Hopkins

“I was introduced to Studio1 a few years ago when we were looking to upgrade our website. Greg and his team completely understood our vision and created a site to help our fine artwork shine.

More importantly, Studio1’s clean, creative design supports the online customer experience, making it on par with what people see in our 2 galleries.

The design is in perfect alignment with our aesthetic and has doubled our business as a result. Not only has it improved out online sales, we have more people purchasing from our galleries that discovered us first via our website.

I would highly recommend Greg and his team.”

Erika & Aaron Chang

“Greg Merrilees and Studio 1 are the only designers I use and recommend. There is just no other design shop I’ve found that…

1. Truly understands how to design websites optimized for sales conversion.
2. Consistently produce mind-blowing art that I’m proud to show off (on my site, at my events, everywhere).
3. Make creating new stuff with their team a super fast and simple process that I actually ENJOY every time.
4. The landing page for my event contributed to the event selling out.

They get my highest recommendation. Any other choice would be foolish. No kidding.

Greg was super cool to work with when I was putting together Copy Chief. My first concept for the design was totally off base. And when I realized that and came back with a new concept, Greg turned on a dime with me and said “I got your back brother. How about this?” and it was exactly what I needed.

That’s the kind of partner you need when it comes to creating your vision and getting it on the page, so it feels like you when you log into your website. And when you share your URL with people you know that you’re being represented in the highest way possible.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Kevin Rogers

“Stephen Spencer here, SEO expert, professional speaker author and the author of The Art of SEO, Google Power Search, and co-author of Social e-Commerce. And also I’m the founder of Net Concepts, which was acquired in 2010 by Calvario.

Greg Merrilees and his firm Studio1 Design are incredible. They are rock stars, Greg and his teams are doing just incredible work. They’re very creative. They’re proactive, communicative, and their work is just really stellar.

I was fortunate enough to discover these guys from being in a mastermind and that alone, just that one discovery, was worth the $15,000 a year entry price of being in that mastermind. These guys are that good.

Studio 1 has not only redesigned my main site, but designed 4 other satellite sites, my own personal logo, banners for all the major social networks, podcast cover art (for both of my shows), business cards, and even full-page ads that I’m running in Internet Retailer magazine.

My business card is now a “DHV” (demonstration of higher value) that gets noticed and commented on when I hand it out. My two podcasts are also brands into themselves, thanks to Studio 1. I definitely look larger than life. Heck, I look bigger than I did with my previous agency (which got acquired) — and back then I had 10 times the staff and offices in three countries.”

My personal brand is the strongest it’s ever been and the rates I am able to charge for my services are also at their highest. Studio 1 has been pivotal to this success. I love how it’s not just a beautiful design but it’s got conversion elements baked in — such as irresistible offers and social proof.

I’ve referred multiple clients to him. They’re doing multiple projects as we speak for different clients of mine.

I just can’t endorse him enough. He’s just amazing.

Just don’t keep them too busy so that he doesn’t have enough time for me because I’m probably one of his bigger clients with all the work I’m sending his way.

Hope you have a great experience working with him. I know you will. And let me know how it goes.”

Stephan Spencer

“I collaborated with Studio 1 Design to create a website facelift and rebrand; they were incredible to work with every step of the way. From the initial consult, they were there to help make sure we were all on the same page and clear on my vision.

I’m one of those people who knows what they want visually but isn’t always able to articulate it to designers, and Studio 1 patiently worked with me through revisions and nailed it!

The best part? Since my new website has been live, I’ve had three, back-to-back, record-breaking income months in my business and increased my leads, overall reach, and impact.”

Kim Argetsinger

“Studio1 completely revamped GCOMM’s entire website giving it a much-needed refresh. The outdated graphics were replaced with a new and modern look. The new website is clean, crisp and easy to navigate. It showcases our company and services very well. I am very impressed with the team’s skills, customer service and responsiveness to our needs.

We had a very positive experience working with Studio1 and we now promote the website more confidently and receive quite a few positive comments from visitors and have had increased sales as a result.”

Danja Jakovljevic

“I’m owner of the Thriving Collective, which is all about helping people to dream big, to live fully and make an impact.

If you have a look at my website, Greg and his team are hugely responsible for how amazing that site is.

If you are needing a website designed, custom built, to be able to really encapsulate and tell the story of your creativity and the value that you have to offer, no matter what area you’re in in business it has been a dream time.

I say, “Hey, can we do this” and then it gets done. And it just it just blows me away!

So anyone who needs it, these guys are the real deal!”

Cameron Brown

“I’m Elisa Bennett with EB Bennett media, and I offer LinkedIn Lead Generation done-with-you service.

My old website was more of a placeholder. And that’s what I always think of a website as a business card placeholder until you get the budget or the time to create a website that actually turns leads into clients. And then when an ideal client comes along, and they tell you that your website is the worst piece of garbage that they’ve ever seen, it’s goes to the top of the list.

I actually treat LinkedIn exactly like you treat a website. So basically, top to bottom, it’s all about conversion. And I chose Studio1 because you were you were the only person that I was aware of that didn’t allow people to just say “I want it pink, I want it green, I want the every social media link on there, all these things that direct traffic off the site.” You’re the only person that reins it in and that’s what I do for my clients.

I always generated more leads than I could handle off of LinkedIn but now I don’t have to generate as much. A lot less flow is creating a lot more business for me.

I liked having one project manager. I stated my goals and they were met. And the website is something that I can be proud of.”

Elisa Bennett

“Hi, I’m Jason Skinner from the Business Made Easy Podcast. I just wanted to share with you my recent experience of using Greg and his team at Studio1 Design.

I couldn’t have had a better experience because, up until that point, it was a bit of a journey getting to do my new website because I was downloading themes off the internet to do it myself.

It dawned on me halfway through that I was just totally wasting my time because to be out on the web these days, you really can’t be mediocre, and you can’t have a mediocre site.

It’s got to work and it’s got to have the functionality behind it and purpose behind it.

What I liked about Greg’s process is that he sits down with you and has an interview with you first to get a real understanding of what what it is you’re trying to achieve with your site, what’s your site all about? And I really, really enjoyed that exploration. Then he goes away, and then designs with purpose, your purpose, rather than a snazzy design.

It’s really important that the end result is functional. Users actually have a great experience on the site and it looks good as well.

So I use him from design right through to build and code and the design team and the coders were great.

I’ve got a really slick site now that I’m happy with and it really fits what what the Business Made Easy podcast is all about. We ended up with some some really great stuff in it.

I use them now for all my design work. I’ve just gotten rid of everyone else because they just get what I’m about and that’s what you want.

You want to know that the design is representative of your brand and your your whole purpose. I just can’t thank you enough. Everything is just just top notch even the t-shirts you’ve designed for the show. So thank you and keep up the great work guys.

I actually now refer all my clients that that I coach and and mentor to Studio1 to to have their websites done properly because it’s a competitive market out there and you’ve got to have the best.”

Jason Skinner

“Hi John Dwyer is my name and I own a The Institute of WOW. I provide marketing consultancy to all sorts of businesses.

I have a need for graphic art studios quite often.

I’ve been in the game for many years, two decades. And I must say that I’ve come across a lot of graphic art studios who promise one thing and deliver the other.

The great thing about Studio1 is that not only do they deliver what you need, but they over deliver, they go the extra mile.

Greg not only over delivers in terms of the quality, the artwork is just spectacular, but also they over delivers and give it to you on time every time.

So if you’re looking for graphics, whether it be for your website, or brochures, or anything, then I would highly recommend that you talk to Studio1 Design.”

John Dwyer

“Hi, it’s Patrick Hutzel from

Studio1 has done the design for my new website And it’s given me tremendous results.

It’s increased the number of visitors to my website and increased number of my sales. Given that we are talking to customers on the phone, the phone keeps ringing way more often. The number of my opt-ins has increased.

So a huge win on all levels.

So Greg and his team Thank you very much.”

Patrick Hutzel

“Taki here from I want to give a quick shout out to my web designer Greg Merrilees and the team at Studio1 Design.

Killer work once again, just want to say thank you so much.

If you’re looking for a web designer, somebody who’s killer, let me tell you three reasons I love Studio1.

Number one – the stuff’s cutting edge. I really appreciate the way that every design every concept, every proof you give us is fresh, is designed is looking great. And really want to say thank you because everything you do is super, super classy, really cutting edge and just converts like crazy.

Number two – is how crazy responsive your are. I’ve said “Hey, man, I’m thinking about this.” And it’s done in a couple of hours. And I don’t want to promise that to anybody. But there’s been times when literally a couple of hours later I get a finished design back I’m like how do you guys do such killer, so fast? I just want to say thanks for being so responsive.

Number three – I love that because you design for market leaders you help me to continually raise the bar just like I always raise the bar with content and service to clients. You help us to raise the bar in terms of web design and the look and feel of our platform.

Thanks for helping me. Thanks for making me look good. Thanks a ton. I appreciate you a lot.

If you’re looking for a web designer, Greg and the team at are amazing, I couldn’t be happier.

So thanks, guys. Appreciate you.”

Taki Moore

Greg and Studio1 have been amazing for our business, they completely upgraded our brand to look a lot more professional and premium quality.

They are really easy to work with and make changes to designs quickly and all the finished work is really high quality.

We have noticed more sales, traffic and higher conversions thanks to the new website, logo & branding.

I can’t believe how great all our products look now. I highly recommend working with them and taking your business to the next level.

Daniel Scheuchl

As a result of working with Studio1Design we have gotten more leads and visibility and even sales as a result of the increased trust and branding that Studio1’s services brought our multiple sites.

Brad Costanzo

My confidence to go after higher profile businesses has greatly increased due to my site looking far more professional.

I wouldn’t have walked into the companies I have walked into, without being confident to suggest they jump onto my website to have a look.

My products are far easier to navigate too!

Matt Vaughan

Greg and his Studio1 team came highly recommended to me and after exploring his work I just knew they were the right people for me. The websites they have designed are so professional and interesting to explore.

Since going live 6 months ago, my business turnover has increased by 30% and added 26 new clients to my Pilates studio sessions. I used to run 21 classes and now I am at 30!. I have had to put on another instructor to cope with the extra demand, and am looking for another to start soon. This will free me up as we now shift our focus to online subscriptions.

Greg has really opened my eyes up to the possibilities of sharing my skills to a larger network and maximising my time and income and we’re about to add a recurring membership offer.

I am confident that I will be back here in the next 12 months praising the efforts of Studio 1 again as we build up the online memberships!

Studio1 are always there with their after service. Some businesses say they will be there, but they are not or they make it difficult to get help.

I highly recommend Studio 1 and credit them for the ongoing success of taking my business to the next level but also pushing me on the possibilities!

Thank you Studio1 and Greg!

Mary Van Orsouw

I’m Timbo Reid from the 13 year old award winning Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

Prior to Greg and his team weaving their magic on my website, it was a converting website. It was doing okay. But now it’s a high converting website, it looks so much better and is so much more appealing.

The new website is high converting in the sense that I’m selling more books, my podcast subscriptions have gone up, and people joining my list has increased exponentially. I’m very happy with that.

The guys are really easy to work with. They take you through a fantastic briefing procedure, because briefing can be really hard at the best of times, but Greg and his team asked some great questions and extract all the information out of you that they need to create a high converting website.

Would I recommend them? Hell Yeah!

I’d recommend the team at Studio1 Design, but only only if you want your website to be high converting. And I’m guessing you do.

Timbo Reid

My name is Billy Wilson, from Starfish Store. We sell education and sensory resources.

We couldn’t be happier working with Studio1. The communication was on point & super professional throughout the process.

Post design, they’ve been very supportive in helping us with any changes we need.They know exactly the design that they made, and they’re happy to keep on helping out, which is super helpful.

The big results that we’ve had is having a really clean and new website that is top line compared to our competitors. We definitely stand stand alone on that, and that is all thanks to Studio 1.

They really delivered on their promise.

Also SEO has improved as well! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to be honest, and I’m excited to do some more work with Studio1.

I just I trust them, they’re just really easy to work with and you get unlimited changes.

If you know what your vision is you can you can work to towards that. It was fun, we bounced ideas off each other and now we’ve got the perfect website. We’re very happy with with the results.

Billy Wilson

My name is Gert from We’re an SEO agency with 30 people on the team and growing.

We’ve always created our own websites in the past. The problem was, we never got good feedback and conversions, so we came to Studio1 based on several recommendations.

I resonated with Studio1’s work for two reasons:
First of all, the sites are beautiful, no question there.
Second, and even more important, I sensed specific attention to detail when it comes to conversions driven by the design.

Studio1 has a strong sense of commitment and ownership.

We got amazing guidance from Greg Merrilees and his team. He even provided a suggestion that is making us more money now. Studio1 helped us to get the best result possible with the design user experience.

The project management was flawless!

We had such great communication and everything was really running smoothly.
It was a pleasure to work with the team.

When we launched the website, we suddenly got conversions that didn’t come in before. We were presenting our blog posts better so people resonated more, and we actually had people reaching out and asking us who made our website.

It is impressive how much of an impact our new website has made, much more than I have expected.

I’m glad I trusted the recommendations I got and I’m so grateful to Greg and the entire Studio1 team for helping us out with our website.

Since then, we have used Studio1 for our other design works, presentations, etc.

We now have our design company, our go-to designers that are working with SEO Leverage.

Gert Mellak

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