Studio1 Clients – Making a Positive Impact in The World

We’re excited to highlight 20 Studio1 clients who are making a positive impact across the globe and in their respective industries. These individuals showcase the influence of passion, dedication, and the far-reaching effects of positive change. Let’s dive into the inspiring narratives of these change-makers:   Zeelicious Foods Helping You Channel Your Inner Creative Cook […]

Website Design Trends in 2023 That Boost Conversions

Each new year presents exciting opportunities to craft exceptional website experiences that blend design, customer interaction, and technology. Keeping up with the latest trends helps your website stay fresh and relevant, which can improve your visitors’ confidence in your business. If people think your website isn’t current, they may be thinking that your business isn’t […]

How To Supercharge Your eCommerce Website Using Pre-Sell Pages

If you’ve been in a premium cosmetics store like Sephora or MECCA, their approach to helping a cold audience is extraordinary. For people that walk into their store, regardless if they’re new or repeat customers, they’re welcomed by a host who is there purely to help educate them on how to achieve the beautiful-looking skin […]

Will AI mean the death of website designers & copywriters?

You may have heard the hype around the super-impressive new AI tool called ChatGPT. It deserves the hype and, in the web design world, it has sparked a whole new round of discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how useful it is for creating websites. So let’s unpack AI and see if it can replace […]

What does your old website say about your business?

Are you proud to send people to your website because it looks fantastic, and makes your business look like the best solution to solve your prospect’s problems? Are you happy with your website’s performance as a 24/7 marketing machine or do you wince when you look at your website because you know it could be […]

What Truly Motivates Your Website Visitors to Buy From You… Emotion or Logic?

Studio1 Blog Post - Does Emotion or Logic Motivate Website Visitors to Buy From You-Feature Image

Have you ever noticed that when you’re about to purchase something online, you have an internal battle in your mind – should you or shouldn’t you purchase that product or service?  There are a lot of thoughts and questions that help you decide if you should make a purchase or not… You wonder if the […]

What is usability testing and why does it matter?

Nearly everyone has had the experience of writing an important email. Reading and re-reading it to make sure it’s right. Checking to make sure that ALL the information is there. Then you hit send only to get a reply back asking you to explain exactly what you need them to do. AND only then do […]

Avoid costly website leakage mistakes that are easy to fix

A few years ago, we had a client that hired us to improve the landing page conversion rate for one of their leadership coaching programs. Their landing page had a great offer, the copywriting was great.  The design looked ok, and they offered FREE Tony Robbins training! HOWEVER, their conversions were about 25% down on […]

Why do image sliders and video backgrounds kill conversions?

When image sliders first hit the interwebs, I used to think they were cool.  Everybody who saw them for the first time got really excited by the fact that they could have something moving on the page that shows everything they offer one slide after another. How cool!!   So the internet started getting flooded with […]

Clear vs Clever — Why Clarity Wins Every Time!

Studio1Design-BLOG-Clear vs Clever — Why Clarity Wins Every Time-01

Anyone who’s ever looked up anything online knows how frustrating it is when you don’t quickly find the answer you’re searching for. It goes something like this: You’re busy and you need to find a solution quickly. You don’t have time to surf the net and go down rabbit holes. You Google long-tail keywords, something […]

How much should you pay for a new website in 2020/21?

Studio1Design-BLOG-How much should you pay for a new website in 2020-01

You know what it’s like when you’re looking for a specific product or service. You visit many websites looking for the perfect solution for the right price, but it’s not easy especially when you can’t find pricing! It’s the same when you’re in the market for a new website. There are soooooo many choices! Where […]

Your Website is Never Finished

Studio1Design-BLOG-Your Website is Never Finished-feature

Think of your website as an evolution just like your business is. The human race, a country, an industry, a product or service, etc, and your business all need to keep evolving to survive. Your website is no different. It needs to evolve, improve and be adjusted to meet your market’s needs, which also keep […]

2019 Website Design Year in Review by Studio1 Design

It has been another super busy year here at Watch the video above to see our best website designs of the past 12 months. Thanks to all of our clients for being part of our journey! From all of us here at Studio1 Design, we wish you all the best for 2020!! Check out […]

Don’t let bad design be the reason people don’t buy from you!

You’ve heard it a million times….. first impressions count. It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting someone in person or online, your first impression matters. Why then, do so many people let poor website design be their first impression of their business. Here’s the thing about bad design… it’s just like having bad breath. If you showed […]

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