Your Website is Never Finished

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Think of your website as an evolution just like your business is. The human race, a country, an industry, a product or service, etc, and your business all need to keep evolving to survive. Your website is no different. It needs to evolve, improve and be adjusted to meet your market’s needs, which also keep […]

2019 Website Design Year in Review by Studio1 Design


It has been another super busy year here at Studio1Design.com. Watch the video above to see our best website designs of the past 12 months. Thanks to all of our clients for being part of our journey! From all of us here at Studio1 Design, we wish you all the best for 2020!! Check out […]

Don’t let bad design be the reason people don’t buy from you!


You’ve heard it a million times….. first impressions count. It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting someone in person or online, your first impression matters. Why then, do so many people let poor website design be their first impression of their business. Here’s the thing about bad design… it’s just like having bad breath. If you showed […]

21 Common Website Design Mistakes

Studio1Design BLOG 21 Common Website Design Mistakes

Mistake #1: Outdated look and feel Your website needs to appeal to a targeted audience. If it hasn’t been updated for a few years and it looks dated, your prospects may not think that you are still relevant.  Even worse they may think that your business is only as good as the way your website […]

How to Create a Brand Style Guide

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What is a Brand Style Guide? Before creating a Brand Style Guide, your designer needs to have created a set of visual brand elements. Then those design elements should be brought together into a set of visual standards within a brand style guide. Discover more here on: ‘How to create a powerful brand identity’ No matter […]

How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity


A lasting impression begins with a powerful visual brand identity. Your brand identity is a unified set of visual elements that affect the way people perceive your brand and what it means to them. This is important because if your visual identity isn’t congruent and appealing, then your prospects may not take you seriously. Even […]

Why Branding Matters


What is branding? Your brand is much more than a cool logo, it’s how other people perceive your business. Your brand is a cohesive combination of design, language, storytelling, and experience. Together they combine to evoke a feeling – “the vibe” – with your target audience, to influence them to engage with your brand and ultimately buy from […]

How To Design a PDF Lead Magnet to Attract Paying Clients


What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is something you offer of high value to your prospects in return for their info like email address, name, etc. The purpose of having a lead magnet is so that you can start a conversation via email for people that are not ready to buy from you […]

Is Copywriting More Important Than Website Design?


We’ve all seen them – websites with great graphics, audio, and visual effects that grab our attention. All too often, when we click through we find out that that’s all there is – lots of effects with no quality content at all. Great design without quality copywriting is a waste of your design investment. If […]

Your Website Visitors Are Skeptics

Your Website Visitors Are Skeptics

Are you wondering why people aren’t buying as much from your website as you hoped they would? Most small business owners are often too close to their website, and they can’t step back to see their website from a birds-eye view. They study their analytics and quantitative data, however, they often don’t study qualitative data. […]

The Power of Social Proof On Your Website


Have you ever looked at a website and said to yourself: “That sounds amazing – but can you prove that you can actually deliver?” People are skeptical of claims made on websites, so we turn to others to check if the claims are true. Your website visitors won’t be sold just by a great idea […]

High Performance Website Design Trends in 2018 that ROCK!


Below is a snapshot of some key design trends emerging this year that you should take note of if you want better results from your website, even if you updated your website last year! There are over 1.3 billion websites online today. That’s twice as much in 2013. So it’s extremely important to be more […]

Studio 1 Design – Year in Review…


It’s been another awesome year at Studio1 =) Thanks for your support and we’re looking forward to designing for you again. We wish you all the best for 2018! If you would like a high performance website, then click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button below…

How to Design a High Performance Landing Page

Studio1Design-BLOG-How to Design a High Performance Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that has one single purpose. That purpose is to get people to take a single action on the page. We have put together this infographic as a simple guide on how to design a high-performance landing page.   WHAT? A landing page is any web page that a […]

The Hidden Traps of Website Templates

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When marketing your business online, it’s critical to give potential customers a feel of what your company is like. Your website is the face of your brand and you should think of it as a shop front. It needs to attract the right people to your business. Your brand is not just your logo. It […]

Is Your Website Designed To Convert Visitors Into Action Takers?

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Social media is about engaging potential customers and bringing them to your website. (Not the other way around). First, you put great content on your website then link your social media activity TO the content on your website. (And of course, only release the best content on your website.) Once visitors arrive on your website, […]

How to Leverage the Power of Images On Your Website

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We are naturally inclined to react to images as they have a strong impact on our emotions. When choosing images for your website make sure they enhance the messages on your website and not just be a decoration. Photos and images can have a powerful impact on your visitors if they are thoughtfully created and […]

How to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing is increasingly recognized as a critical success factor for an online business.  What’s not always recognized is that content marketing success isn’t just about the words you write or speak. It’s also about the way you present your content. The purpose of content marketing is to: 1. Attract people to engage with your […]

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